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Don’t Quit

Just a poem to share with you.  A friend posted this on Facebook, and it really struck me as I have been going through some rough times recently.  As we all know, life can be hard, so I look for any inspiration to come my way.  I read this regularly, and it helps to keep me going.  Hope you find it helpful too!  Enjoy.

never quit

Have a beautiful day!

Take A Deep Breath

Have a good sigh.  That’s right, breathe deep and “sigh”.  Did you know that sighing is a natural, crucial reflex that keeps our lungs healthy?  Most people don’t realize it, but you sigh automatically about every five minutes. We usually don’t notice it unless we’re sad, weary, or feel a deep yearning for something.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been known to breathe a sigh of relief  every now and again.

Excessive sighing could be a sign of anxiety, but a good sigh once in a while tends to make us feel better.  I love to sigh. With every exhale, I pretend I am letting go of my frustrations.  Sighing doesn’t change a situation you’re in, but it helps relieve tension so you can cope.

To have a good sigh, you need to do this:  take a breath in, then another deeper breath immediately on top of that, then breathe out hard (through your mouth) as if you’re saying “ahhh”.  I bet you just tried it.  Didn’t it feel good?!  Let’s have a good sigh this week if we’re feeling stressed, and as always, think of the beach!