Reuse and Recycle


I love reusing and recycling!  It’s my small way of helping the environment. Below are some of my favorite recycling hacks, found on the web.  



Check out these re-uses for your empty wine bottles:

 (the mouthwash would go great in a guest bathroom)

reuse 4 Reuse 3

If you use Coffee Mate, peel the label from the empty bottle and re-use for kids snacks, chocolate chips, nuts, the last bit of Cheerios in the box, and all kinds of other stuff:


Don’t throw out those worn sheets.  Re-use at the beach (my favorite place!):


If you have an old keyboard you’re not using, and a tin can, you can make a cool pencil holder:


This one requires some paint, but is so cute if you have an old tire.  It’s great for dogs who spend time outdoors:

reuse 8

If you have some hooks you’re not using, you could make this to keep shoes from gathering in a pile by the door:

shoe holder

I use mason jars in tons of ways, including this one :


Last but not least, if you have an old, or broken rake, you could do something like this:

reuse 5 reuse6

So how do you feel about recycling now?  What are some of the ways you recycle?  I would love to hear/see them!  Let me know, in the comments.

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  1. Great start! Love the ‘Reuse & Recycle’ section (especially the shoe hooks). Looking forward to new stuff… Sue*

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