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I don’t know why but I have always been obsessed with hiding places and ways to stash cash.  Not that I have a lot of cash to stash but I’ll admit I like to keep a little bit in the house for emergencies, and maybe an impromptu pizza order.  

If my family knew I had cash in the house it definitely would not be there for long.  That’s why I need a good place to “stash” it.  LOL.  Check out these cool and clever ways I’ve seen to stash your cash:

paint cans


Take an empty paint can, or empty one out that doesn’t have much in it, and leave the lid off until the paint dries.  You should then be able to easily peel out the paint from the can, leaving the inside clean.  Now you have a great place to “stash some cash”.






If you have an upright vacuum cleaner, or a canister vac that uses bags, you could hide an envelope of cash under, or behind, the bag.




You can use any plastic cleaning wipes container.  Just pop off the lid when you’re done using it, and it becomes a fairly spacious place to hide cash or small valuables. 

d wipes - Edited  wipes  carpet fresh





Don’t get rid of those worn out boots.  Use them to hide your cash in the toe.





When your deodorant runs out, pull out the remaining plastic piece with a screw driver.  Wipe out the inside of the container and now you have a small place to stash some things.

deod 2 deod




Get a large, solid color, bottle of vitamins.  Put the vitamins in a zip lock baggie, or other suitable container, then use the bottle to hide your stash.


Now, check out this video for more ways to hide things.


If none of these ideas are feasible for you there are several creative items below, available for purchase.  Just click on the item for more information.




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P.S.  Because my family reads this blog, I want to make it clear, these are not any of the ways stash my cash.  You will never find it.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Stash Your Cash

  1. I am always looking for hiding places. I think it is because we grew up watching shows like Mission Impossible and It Takes a Thief! LOL
    PS I wish we could see other folks comments on your blog.

  2. These are great ideas! In fact, I just sent this post over to my mom…She’s always so stressed out before leaving town because she has to find places to hide her cash. This is perfect!

  3. I like to keep $1 in my glove box, that’s my no guilt sweet tea or Starbucks money. The money’s not in the budget, and it’s there when I want or need a little pick me up treat. Or no guilt fast food run. 😉

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