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With graduation season upon us what do most teens, and college grads want? Money, of course. As a matter of fact, I think most people like to get a little cash once in a while. The problem is that just giving money in a card can be boring, and not very personal.

I like to be creative and make money giving fun. I want the person to feel special, like I put some thought into their gift.

If you know Pinterest at all, then you know it’s a good resource for finding some great ideas. Below are some ways I have used to give cash. They take some effort on your part but it’s so much fun to watch the recipient receive them.

kleenex moneyThe Kleenex box. (  Tape bills together, end to end, finishing with a tissue. Fold the bills accordion style and put into box with just the tissue sticking out. The recipient pulls the tissue out and the money follows, one bill at a time. You can decorate the box with wrapping paper and put a label on the box that reads “Don’t BLOW it all at once”.




Dollar Rolls. ( Roll up some dollar bills and tie with twine, or ribbon. Put in a zip lock baggie. You can either print a card, or make your own. Staple to the top of the baggie.





You can also do little diplomas for the graduate.





pizzaPizza Dough.  We did this for a friends’ graduation.  He loved it.  Go to a pizza shop and ask for just a baked pizza crust in a box.  (you can explain why)  Tape dollar bills together in a circular pattern and place on dough with a bow on top.  Write a message on the inside of the lid.  We wrote, “Sorry, We were all out of pepperoni so all you get is dough!”  Use your imagination. 


graduation-label-soda-2014-8SodaBottle. ( Take the label off an empty 2 liter soda bottle.  Fill it with dollar bills.  Attach a new (home made) label and ribbon.  Now they have to figure out how to get the money out.


Xmas nutsWhich Walnut Is It?  Get a bag of whole walnuts. Carefully open a few (depending on how many bills you are giving)  and remove the nut from the shell.  Fold up your dollar bill (or $5, $10, $20, or whatever amount) and place inside shell.  Carefully super glue around edge of one of the shell halves and seal both halves back together.  Put all the walnuts into a zip lock baggie.  Give to recipient in a nice gift bag with a new nut cracker.  Watch them have fun cracking open the nuts to find the money.


secret-cash-gift-for-ChristmasThe Mason Jar. ( Put some cash in an empty toilet paper roll. Wrap the roll with tissue paper.  Push some of the paper into the ends of the roll to seal it.  Stand the roll up in a mason jar and fill in around, and on top of the roll, with candy.  Decorate the jar for a fun gift.




moneyballoons4Balloons. (she’ Get some balloons and put a dollar bill in each, then blow them up (preferably with helium).  Put them in a large box and gift wrap it.  Watch the fun happen.


I hope you enjoyed these unique ways of gifting money.  Let me know if you have any fun ideas that you use.  

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